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Landscaping around the Library

The landscaping was designed by CTA Architects Engineers and installed by DLM Contracting and Sweet Pea Landscaping. Gallatin Valley Landscaping Center donated 761 perennial plants and 10 trees. Gallatin Gardener's Club donated the four Marmo Maple trees that are planted along Main Street in front of the Library.

Groundwater and a stormwater managment system are used for irrigation so processed City water doesn't need to be used to keep the Library's landscape green. The "streambead" theme you see in the parking area medians are also part of the water conservation strategy for the Library's landscape. The river rocks allow some rain and snowmelt to drainback into the ground instead of across the parking area and provide for snow storage in winter.

CTA and SweetPea Landscaping worked together to select the best possible mix of evergreen aand deciduous trees that will be healthy and long-lived. The list of species is quite extensive and most are known as "regionally adapted" with the ability to withstand long, cold winters and dry summer conditions. Trees that can be seen around the Library: Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Colorado Spruce, Burr Oak, Honey Locust, Quaking Aspen, Linden, Green Ash, Autumn Blaze Maple, Emerald Queen Maple, and Amur Chockecherry.

The trail adjacent to the Library is part of the "Main Street to the Mountains" trail and connects the Library’s Main Street Plaza with Lindley Park, Peets Hill, Burke Park, and Gallagator Trail. This trail segment includes two pedestrian bridges, lighting, trees, and a paved parking lot at the Peets Hill trailhead.

The grass and plants were chosen to be water efficient and drought resistant. Canada Bluegrass and Little Bluegrass were used in the turfgrass areas. The natural grasses used include a mixture of Wheatgrass, Ryegrass, and tall Fescue. The perennial plants that are included are: Garden Phlox, Hosta, Day Lily, Lupine, Coneflower, Yarrow, Hollyhock, Stonecrop, Speedwell, and Dianthus.

A memorial fund was established by Jack and Elaine Atkins in honor of their son, Army Staff Sergeant Travis William Atkins who was killed in Iraq on June 1, 2007. At the request of the Atkins family, the fund was used to create a reading grove with 7 crabapple trees and a bench. The Travis Atkins Memorial Grove is located outside the Children's Area ajdacent to Lindley Park.




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